February 8, 2012

New Beads I've Been Working On

I had planned on making a pair of earrings a week. I did try! While I was trying to make some beads for a pair of earrings, I got sidetracked and started just making beads. The earrings group has been good for me though. It started me thinking about bead designs again. Here is one of the sets I've made. Looks like I'm still enjoying the grungy look! Wish I could take a good picture...sigh. When a make a few more sets, I'll try putting them up on Etsy. I guess I'll have to do some real catch up to make 52 pairs of earrings this year. Maybe I'll make one pair a month...twelve pairs is still good, isn't it???

P.S....the sun just came out, so I took another picture (the one on top). What a difference a little light makes. You can really see the colors better.


  1. 12 pairs is great, Doreen! I love those beads! Glad you are making them again. I'd love to get some when they go up for sale!

  2. Wow! Doreen, if you hadn't said you made them I would have thought they were etched glass! These are beyond beautiful!!

    Good luck with the 52 earrings... I'm trying desperately to keep up, but if I fail, I'll join you with the 12 pairs challenge! ;-)

  3. Oh, these are making me swoon, Doreen. You are such an artist with this material... absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  4. Oh ya, those are gorgeous. I would love to buy some of your beads, are you selling them?